Shipping costs vary based on the delivery address, with free shipping offered for orders over R750.

3-7 business days.

You may track your order here.

We are trying our best to make sure all your item(s) reach (reaches) you at the same time. However, if you order two or more items, the products are not always sent together because we use different shipping options depending on the products and the location of our warehouses. Once the items have been shipped, you will receive shipment notification emails with the tracking information for all packages. OR you could contact our customer support team at support@baseus.co.za for the tracking information of all of your packages.

South Africa only.


We provide multiple carrier options to ship Baseus products, ensuring we prioritize the best customer experience.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the shipping address once the product is en route.

Please contact our customer support team at support@baseus.co.za.


Please contact our customer support team at support@baseus.co.za with details of your order number(s) and the product(s) you’d like to return and request a Return Merchandise Authorization Form. You will receive an email with the Return Merchandise Authorization Form afterward, please fill out the form and ship back the products to our fulfillment centers.

The form contains the following two sections:

Return Mailing Label: A label that contains the address of the fulfillment center that will be receiving and processing the return. You need to affix the label on the return package. You may choose your preferred logistics operators. Note: Postage is not provided on the return mailing letter.

Return Authorization Slip: A form that contains a barcode and item description for the products being returned. The slip must be included inside the return package alongside the items.Once our fulfillment centers receive the package, the refund process will begin. More info about refunds here.


Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

Prices for Products which are stated on the Store do not include taxes. Sales taxes will be calculated in accordance with state and government law. Taxes will be added to your order total and itemized in both your shopping cart and order confirmation email.


Most refund payments are processed within 10 business days. We will process your refund immediately, the processing time might vary depending on the bank.

After we receive your returned package(s), we will handle your refund immediately, and the corresponding bank will take over the process of the refund. In most cases, you receives the refund within 10 business days. Processing time can vary between banks.


If you have any other specific queries please refer to our Contact Us page.

You can reach Baseus's official customer support team by sending an email(s) to support@baseus.co.za.

  1. For product(s) purchased online (official stores), please contact our customer support for after-sales assistance, or send an email to support@baseus.co.za.
  2. For product(s) purchased online (non-official stores), please contact the corresponding retailer.
  3. For product(s) purchased in physical stores in your country/region, please contact the corresponding seller.
  1. For product(s) purchased online, please contact the corresponding store's customer support.
  2. For product(s) purchased offline, please contact the corresponding store or distributor's customer support.

Please refer to our Download Center for the download of Baseus official APP.


We have a 7-day no-reason return policy (e-commerce channel), a 15-day replacement policy (quality-related issues), and a 18 month warranty policy (quality-related issues). The warranty policy might vary depending on the product type, more info on our Warranty Policy page.


There are two options to find your order number(s):

  1. The order number had been sent to you through email immediately after you made the purchase. You could find your order number in your email.
  2. Log in to our website using the email that you used to make the purchase, there will be a record of your order(s) if you’ve made the purchase(s).


Please try the following steps to re-check the problem:

  1. Firstly please confirm that your earphone supports the APP function.
  2. And then when using the APP to bind the earphone: please turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone, but do not connect the earphone via Bluetooth first.
  3. If the earphone has successfully connected to your phone via Bluetooth, please delete the earphone from the Bluetooth connection listing of your phone. (Because if the earphone is connected to the phone via Bluetooth first, the earphone signal will be in the working state, and the APP cannot search for the earphone. When bounding the APP, the APP must search for the earphone signal.)
  4. When finding the earphone in the APP, please follow the APP instructions to bind the device.
  5. After the APP has successfully bound the device, at this time, the earphone will be automatically connected to the phone via Bluetooth.

To juice up your portable charger, simply connect it to an external power source like a wall socket, just like you would with your devices. This will allow it to absorb and subsequently store electrical energy to then be transferred to your device of choice later on when needed.

Long press the power button for 10 seconds to reset Baseus power bank, however it requires a recharge to be activated again.

It takes around 8.5 hours to fully charge a Baseus 30000mAh power bank.

Long press the power button for 10 seconds to reset Baseus power bank, and recharge it to reactivate the power bank. If the power bank still doesn’t work after the resetting, please contact support@baseus.co.za

7 full smartphone charges before power bank recharge is required.

Simply connect Baseus power banks that are over 50w with your laptop.

Press the power button to switch off the power bank.

  1. Arrange your monitors according to your preferences. 
  2. Connect your docking station to your laptop. 
  3. Using the proper cables, connect each monitor to the docking station. 
  4. Connect a power supply to each monitor. 
  5. Switch on the monitors. 
  6. Turn on your laptop.

2 full smartphone charges before power bank recharge required.


You could scan the QR code for an identification check, there is one on the back of the package for every product. The code can only be scanned once, if you need to check again, please contact support@baseus.co.za. For more instructions please refer to our Identification Check page.