Meet the Creators

Meet the Creators: Discover the South African Collaborators Behind Our Baseus Boom Campaign

Content Creator

Michaill Bailey

Introducing Michaill Bailey: The charismatic South African comedic content creator. With a focus on local entertainment, Michaill aims to bring positive vibes to the South African community. He is "built different" when it comes to creativity. His focus is primarily on content which is well-grounded in the South African experience.

Streamer | Content Creator


Meet Naledi "Androva" Matutoane, the vibrant South African variety streamer and gaming content creator. With a focus on diversity, Androva aims to shake up the gaming and streaming scenes in her country while championing visibility for minorities.

Streamer | Content Creator


Introducing Tyler "Binkz" August, the charismatic South African gaming streamer and content creator for ATK. With a focus on viewer enjoyment, Binkz aims to bring positive vibes to the content world and grow a community like no other. Coupled with his down to earth personality he is a force to be reckoned with.

Tech Enthusiast


Introducing EzeTechTings, a tech and gaming creator renowned for insightful tech tips and tricks. While dabbling in occasional reviews, EzeTechTings primarily specialises in educational tech content. Starting on TikTok in 2021, they've steadily expanded their following with engaging and informative content.