5 Awesome Convenience Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

5 Awesome Convenience Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

While often in awe of the snazziest, shiniest cutting-edge tech and gadgets, sometimes it’s the most simple, convenient, and clever gadgets that deserve our attention. Anything that can save you time, hassle, and money is a win in our books, so we’ve highlighted 5 awesome gadgets you didn’t know existed that bring a little extra convenience to your life.

Elevated Audio: Baseus AirNora 2 Series True Wireless Earphones

Price: R1,399

Perfect for the ladies out there, the Baseus AirNora 2 Series True Wireless Earphone will become your new essential item when you head out of the house. Offering superb surround sound, noise-cancelling, and a lightweight and ergonomic design, the gorgeous velvet-wrapped charging case also has a handy little secret: a built-in internal mirror. With the AirNora 2, you can get up to 6.5 hours of listening time at 70% volume, and 30 hours of use if you use the case to charge the headset. With the Bluetooth version 5.3 module built in you get less latency and stronger signal, even at a great distance. The remote feature built into the headset also allows for an array of functions such as answering or rejecting incoming calls, pausing and skipping your music, and speed dialing.

Safe storage: Baseus Let’s Go Slip Cover Waterproof Pouch Casing with Lanyard

Price: R199

If you’re someone who likes to use their mobile device out and about on a hike, during water activities, or outdoors in the winter weather, this handy slip-cover is designed to protect your smartphone and make it easier to access rather than throwing it in and out of your bag to stay dry. The casing has an IPX8 rating allowing it to withstand depths up to 30 meters, and the lanyard makes it easy to carry or wear, keeping your phone within reach at all times.

Multitasker miracle: Baseus Blade Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank

Price: R1,999

With South Africa’s now-trademark loadshedding and power cuts, having backup power options is crucial. While everyone has a little lamp or power bank to keep their phones alive, not many have something that can give your phone and laptop the jump start they needs. The Baseus Blade is a 20,000mAh unit that can power up your laptop, smartphone, and other devices using its 100W fast-charging capability. Additionally, it includes 2 Type-C inputs and outputs, as well as 2 USB outputs, so you can charge up to 4 USB-powered devices simultaneously. It includes a small LCD screen to show the battery capacity left in the device, and its slim design (only 0.7 inches thick) makes it easy to slip into your laptop bag or backpack with ease.

Dust Might: Baseus A2pro Car Vacuum Cleaner

Price: R999

Whether it’s some cookie-dust or a few random fluffs in the car from man’s best friend, everyone has a little something to be cleaned out of their car. The Baseus A2pro Car Vacuum Cleaner is a pint-sized, battery-powered vacuum that you can keep, charge, and operate in your car with no fuss, allowing you to suck up any unwanted debris, crumbs, or small bits and pieces in your vehicle.

A Literal Lifesaver: Baseus Sharp Tool Safety Hammer

Price: R179

Another little vehicle gadget, this one is more of a life-saver, quite literally. The Baseus Sharp Tool Safety Hammer is designed to be kept in your car and used in case of an emergency, such as a situation where you need to sever your seatbelt or smash a window. The one side features a window-breaking hammer while the other is a stainless steel seat belt cutter. It also comes bundled with a base bracket, so you can click it into a spot on your car that’s easy to reach and in plain sight.